About Us


The Clemente Group is a locally owned and operated family company that has been servicing the ready mix concrete needs of capital region of NY for over four generations. We have earned our reputation through dedication to our customers and the products we produce. We have grown from our original company, Bonded Concrete, to the companies and locations that make up The Clemente Group today. We are the “Real McCoy”.

Bonded Concrete, the first of the Clemente Group Companies, currently operates 5 plants in and around the Capital Region of NY State. All of Bonded Concrete’s plants are NYS DOT and National Ready Mix Concrete Association certified. Bonded Concrete is a leader in concrete technology innovation, as well as industry promotion and ready mix concrete education. Bonded Concrete has supplied concrete to many of the NYS DOT major highway and bridge projects in the Capitol Region. In addition, Bonded Concrete has supplied concrete to many of the colleges and institutions in and around the Capital Region.

Bonded Concrete’s on site portable batch plant operation has two 12 cu yd portable concrete plants which can be set up on site to supply the concrete needs of high demand projects, which in turn enables owners and contractors to lower their impact on the surrounding community environs. Our portable concrete batch plants have been placed on construction sites for I-87, I-88,I-95, GlobalFoundries, and the Gap/Old Navy Distribution Center, as well as many other large civil projects in and around NYS. We have supplied concrete for bridges, mainline paving, super-sized warehousing, dams, tilt-up warehousing, and large industrial factories.

Bonded Concrete Ready Mix Concrete

Bonded Hudson NY, a member of the Clemente Group, serves the Hudson Valley from its two NYS DOT and National Ready Mix Concrete Association certified plants. Bonded Hudson NY has supplied many of the largest projects in the upper Hudson Valley.  Bonded Hudson NY has supplied concrete to nearly every college, hospital, and NYS DOT project in their market area.

Bonded Concrete has also introduced new concrete technology to many of the projects it has served in and around the Hudson Valley. Innovations Bonded Hudson NY have introduced to our customers include self-compacting concrete first introduced to the market in 2002, pervious concrete in 2004, and high strength ternary mix designs in 2006. Bonded Hudson NY continues to use many of these new innovations in the delivery of our concrete to this very day.

Another member of the Clemente Group is Century Acquisition, which serves northern Litchfield County in Connecticut, as well as all of Berkshire County in Massachusetts, from their two National Ready Mix Concrete Association certified plants. Century Acquisition is the newest addition to The Clemente Group and has brought value-added innovative technology to aid customers in being more profitable in their projects.

Century Acquisition has introduced self-compacting concrete to a major windmill project in Berkshire County. Century Acquisition has designed low cement content concrete using 35% Fly Ash mixes for green designed concrete for three major dam projects. Besides bettering the environment, this also enabled the projects to receive much coveted LEED credits.